Lobster Cargot 

This lobster cargot consists of tender lobster chunks, butter, garlic, parsley, and cheese.

Serve this delicious appetizer with baguette or alongside ribeye steak.


– Lobster tails – Butter – Garlic – Parsley – Havarti cheese

The second thing you want to do is remove the lobster meat from the tails. Cut a lengthwise slit through the center, top of the shell, stopping just before the tail fins using shears.

Melt the butter and add about 2 teaspoons of butter to each slot in the escargot baking dish. Add about ½ teaspoon of garlic and parsley to each slot. 

Place a piece of lobster meat in each slot and give it a mix so the garlic butter fully coats the lobster meat.

Top each slot with shredded Havarti cheese and bake for 2 minutes and broil for 2 minutes. The lobster cooked for a total of 4 minutes.

Tips and Recipe Variations

- I know lobster can be pricey so feel free to use bay scallops or raw shrimp instead. - Don’t overcook the lobster otherwise, it will become tough and rubbery.



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