Flan Recipe

Flan is a traditional Latin American dessert recipe. A rich custard topped with caramel sauce and fresh berries is how I like to serve it.

Its silky and smooth texture is what makes this so delicious and irresistible! 6 simple ingredients are all you need to make this flan cake.


– sugar – evaporated milk  – eggs – cream cheese – vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste – sweetened condensed milk

Add the sugar to a skillet and cook it over medium heat for about 15 mins stirring frequently until it turns into a light brown color syrup.

Place the caramel into your baking dish. Crack 3 eggs and 2 egg yolks into a bowl.

Add the evaporated milk, condensed milk, eggs, cream cheese, and vanilla extract inside the blender and blend it up then place it into the baking dish.

Place the baking dish in a bigger baking dish and add some boiling water to create a water bath this will help the flan cook evenly.

Tips and Recipe Variations

- Feel free to whisk the custard by hand using a hand whisk or an electric mixer. – Make sure to stir the sugar frequently while cooking it.



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