crab stuffed salmon

crab stuffed salmon

This classic Crab Stuffed Salmon recipe is straightforward and simple.  It uses minimal spices and has the sweetness of the crab to bring out the flavors of the salmon. 

Salmon Lump Crab Mayonnaise  Cream Cheese Grain Mustard Old Bay Seasoning  Lemon Egg  Green Onion Parsley Bread Crumbs Salt and Pepper to taste  Parmesan Cheese to taste Pinch of Paprika Pinch of Oregano


Can I use another type of fish?

If you don’t care for salmon  I would highly recommend using Chilean Sea Bass. Red snapper, rainbow trout, and flounder are also great fish for this recipe.

Tips for the Perfect Baked Salmon

– Make sure you don’t overcook the salmon otherwise it will become tough and dry. 16-17 minutes at 400 degrees F. is perfect.

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