Classic Egg Salad

Enjoy this classic egg salad recipe for lunch or dinner. Made with hard-boiled eggs, mustard, mayo, dill, scallions, and shallots. Simple, creamy, full of flavor, and super filling. Enjoy this on crackers, toast, soft bread, or on its own.


Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs – How to boil eggs perfectly every single time. – Shallots – You may substitute this for celery or red onions if you like crunch but aren’t a fan of shallots. – Scallions Fresh Dill – adds incredible flavor and freshness. Mayo – If trying to eat lighter, Greek yogurt works perfectly. Dijon Mustard – Spicy mustard or yellow mustard are awesome as well. – Salt and Pepper


When I think of a quick easy meal that’s comforting but low in carbs I immediately think of egg salad. Nothing beats a bowl of homemade egg salad.

My favorite way to serve egg salad is on toast with some butter lettuce. So good! Although a soft bread egg salad sandwich is a close runner up. The best part of egg salad is that its low carb, keto-friendly, and gluten-free.

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