Lebanese Garlic Sauce

Making Lebanese Garlic Sauce has never been easier. Also known as Toum, this quick sauce is super flavorful and a bit spicy. 

One of the best reasons to keep a bunch of fresh garlic at home. Make this quick and easy 5-minute Lebanese garlic sauce and serve it with roasted vegetables or garlic rosemary lamb chops.


– Fresh Garlic Cloves – Vegetable Oil – Lemon – Salt

Top Tips For The Perfect Garlic Sauce

Use a food processor for best results. Make sure to use fresh garlic, do not use jarred. Pour the vegetable oil and lemon juice very slowly into the food processor so it emulsifies. Enjoy with bread, protein, or vegetables.

How Do You Store This Sauce?

Place the sauce in an airtight container, preferably a mason jar and refrigerate for up to a week. Once you make this sauce, you will always want to smother it on some lamb chops and pita bread. It’s that good!



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