Mexican Corn Salad

This Mexican Corn Salad is delicious and filled with delicious flavors. Everything you could want in a quick and easy 15-minute meal. Enjoy this with carne asada tacos and tortilla chips for a comforting complete meal.


– Lettuce – Tomatoes – Corn – fresh, frozen, or canned corn works with this recipe. – Avocado – Sour Cream – Mayo – Lime Juice – Olive Oil – Paprika – Cumin – Cotija Cheese – Salt and Pepper


Summer is fast approaching and I want to share as many salad and refreshing drink recipes as possible. There is nothing better than a salad and a glass of lemonade on a summer afternoon.

What I love most about this Mexican corn salad is how easy it is to put together. In fact, you can just enjoy the corn salad on its own without the lettuce, tomatoes, and avocados. The corn mixture is the star of the dish.

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