Sopa de Salchichon

This easy recipe for sopa de salchichon (Puerto Rican salami soup) is made with salami, noodles, potato and packed with classic Puerto Rican flavor.

A great weeknight soup to make for cold weather months that make amazing leftovers for meal prep!


– salchichon – potato – water – garlic – onion – sofrito – tomato sauce – spaghetti – sazon – adobo seasoning

Add the olive oil to a large soup pot and heat over medium-high heat. Add the sliced salchichon and onions, cook for 4-5 minutes.

Stir in the garlic and cook until fragrant, which should take 10 seconds. Stir in the sofrito, tomato sauce, adobo, and sazon. Cook for 1 minute.

Add the rest of the ingredients except for the cilantro and spaghetti. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to medium and add the spaghetti.

Cook until the spaghetti and the potatoes are fully cooked through. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with fresh cilantro.

Tips and Recipe Variations

- Soup must be brought to a boil before simmering to bring all of the flavors together. - Stir in the cilantro last so it doesn’t break apart.



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