This traditional Bistec Encebollado, or steak an onions, is cooked to perfection.  The meat is tender and juicy and the onions are caramelized and mixed with mouth watering spices.

What is “Bistec Encebollado”

“Bistec Encebollado” is Spanish for “onion steak.”  This dish uses a specific cut of steak. Specifically, it uses the same cut like filet mignon or the most expensive cut of a cow.


Steaks Garlic Onion Cilantro Olive oil Lemon Sugar Salt  pepper


1. In a bowl, place your thinly sliced onions, cilantro, fresh garlic, olive oil, and mix, set aside

What Kind of Onions Go Best with Steak?

Honestly, just about any onion is going to be amazing with steak. However, it depends on the type of onion you prefer.

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